World’s Sexiest DJ – Juicy M


The looks of seduction and the wonderful art of turn table techniques, nothing beats the combination of the two! I mean, really who doesn’t love the sound of seduction? All the way from Europe, DJ Juicy M has played in over 30 countries at some of the hottest clubs in the entire world, toured with some of the dopest A-list artist and won numerous awards. Recently headlining alongside Afrojack, this beautiful bombshell is truly talented. Lucky for us at, we were able to get a hold of Ms. Juicy M and were able to get a quick Q & A session going on! Check it out, see what she has to say!

LSB: Now I’ve notice that you do more than just DJ’in, you’re producing, remixing and modeling as well, seems like a pretty busy lifestyle, how is an average day for you like?

Juicy M: Well, there are two types of average days for me – one is when I’m touring and other is when I’m at home. When I’m on tour I spend most of my time digging in my FL Studio and creating new cool melodies for  future productions. When I’m at home, normally I have every single minute scheduled with different things, such as meetings and photo shoots. But despite of my schedule, I always find time for the gym and practicing my DJ set.

LSB: How do you balance the DJing gigs from the Modeling gigs? Or are they pretty straight forward and go hand and hand?

Juicy M: Actually I no longer do modeling as I did before, I have fully dedicated my life into electronic dance music. If I have any shootings for magazines, now they are always connected with me as Juicy M

LSB: You’re real beautiful, yet a master of the turntables, how exactly did you get started in the music industry?

Juicy M: I was fond of clubs and music. I was a real party monster and always wanted to be a part of the scene. So one day I decided to go to  DJ school and that’s how whole thing started.

LSB: We don’t see too many female turntablist who actually scratches like you, how do you end up picking that up as a skill set?

Juicy M: Before I went to the DJ school, one of my friends who was club manager offered me to become a Hip Hop DJ in his club. So I went to the best Hip Hop DJ in Ukraine – DJ Shked who owned s DJ School and just said “I wanna play exactly like you”. I spent 9 months of studying and practicing before my first performance in the club.

LSB: How’s the life like as a female DJ that’s constantly traveling? I mean like your pretty much all over the world!

Juicy M: How is it? IT’S AWESOME!!! Non-stop traveling is the best thing of what I do, I have friends and fans everywhere and that’s really cool. Flights, airports and hotels are my life, I don’t see myself sitting at home, I’m just not that kind of person.

LSB: I know a highlight of your career was headlining along side with Afrojack, how was that like!? Must’ve been pretty exciting?

Juicy M: Yeah, we played together at H2O Full Moon Party in South Africa and then when I played at Avastar Club he joined me and we played back-2-back for a while. It’s was really cool experience for me and I would love to do more b2b sets in future, such things inspire you all the time

LSB: Tell us about other memorable experience you had during your travels around the world, you must’ve have a lot of exciting gigs in the past.

Juicy M: For me it was really exciting to play with huge stars, like Backstreet Boys in Vietnam, Jay Sean in Manila and in Hong Kong. Those gigs gave me an additional push and a lot of experience. Also I would mention Bamboo Miami, Palais Maillot Paris, Fashion TV tour in China, H2O Parties in South Africa and my residency in D’Lux Club during EURO 2012 Cup in Ukraine as some other memorable events.

LSB: I notice you play multiple genre of music and in the club world there seems to be a rivalry of hip hop and dance music, what are your thoughts on that? Do you enjoy one over the other?

Juicy M: I started as Hip Hop DJ, but now I play Progressive and Electro House, though sometimes I can put some hip hop tracks into my set, I see no problem here. Now is the time when there is almost no rivalry between music styles. People listen to music in overall more than to certain music style nowadays.

LSB: What are your thoughts of today’s music and the direction of how the mainstream industry is going? I mean like to me, everything seems to have a little electro in it now and days.

Juicy M: EDM has turned into a huge industry, DJs became a rock stars who gathers thousands of fans to their concerts. In turn, it effects the mainstream sound it becomes more “big room” and more festival style, because mainly DJs produce music to play it in their sets. That’s a principle, if mainstream DJs return back to the club scene someday, the mainstream sound will transform back to “club style” .

LSB: Rumor has it that the music industry can be real cutthroat, anything that our aspiring up and coming artists should be preparing for? Or any advice you would like to give?

Juicy M: But still it’s just a rumor, not a fact. If you concentrate on what you do, you don’t notice any bitter around. Sometimes when people fail to do something they accuse cruel industry and other people, but the problem in themselves first of all. Just keep practicing and pushing and you will make all your dreams come true.

LSB: We really don’t want to take up so much of your time, but is there anything you would like to add? Shout outs? Last words? Anything exciting we should be expecting in the near future?

Juicy M: I dedicate 2013 as a year of music production, I finally feel myself ready to represent my tracks and remixes to the world’s audience, so feel free to check updates on my Facebook fan page and I really hope you like my music.

Xoxo, Juicy

So there you have it! Our wonderful conversation with the lovely Juicy M and we are really excited to hear her production in the up and coming years!


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