Interview Exclusive: Aly & Fila


Ranked amongst the top 20 list of DJ MAG  comes one of the most talented acts straight from the lands of Egypt, Aly & Fila.

Signed on to the Armada Empire, the duo are no strangers in the electronic dance music scene. Being the proud owners of the Future Sound of Egypt label, they have made collaboration with many names, which includes John O’Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Arctic Moon, Solarstone, and many more.

We over here at Lifestyle Brilliance, were lucky enough to get the chance to hit a quick 1 on 1 interview session with Fadi of Aly & Fila! Check out what he had to say!

LSB: We’re here at Exchange LA in Los Angeles, California with legendary DJ – Fadi (Fila) of Aly & Fila. First off, I understand that Aly can no longer tour with you due to his ear injuries. Will there ever be a chance we will see you two together on stage again?


Fila: Hopefully one day, when we have a solution for the problem he has with his ears.  It’s definitely a shame…science couldn’t find a solution so far, we can only hope that we can find one soon.  The ears, you know, are very sensitive and when there’s a problem with it – it can be dangerous.  Especially, in the line of work we do.

LSB: Definitely a shame, but I’m sure Aly is still able to join you in the studio and also help manage other parts of the business, right?


Fila: Yes, we still work together at our studio and he also has his own company in Egypt.  He has a company where he does a lot of work for major corporations such as Coke, Pepsi, and other big companies like that, so that definitely keeps him busy as well.   He also has a studio compound for people to rent and use as well.  So, he’s real busy, but I know he definitely misses the stage for sure.

LSB: Well now, let’s get started – Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE), big BIG things been happening this year, tell us a bit about that.

Fila: FSOE, the radio show, the label, the events, in such a short time, it grew a lot.  I was really happy to see it grow bigger every week.  Like the feedback on the radio show, of how many people are listening to it, and how many people are buying our records – on Beatport, iTunes, to all reaches everywhere.  And our FSOE Episode 300, it was a HUGE success!  I was very happy and very proud!


LSB: Did you ever think that you’d reach episode 300?

Fila: No, definitely not!  We started it all, just for fun man! *Laughs* we did it just for fun with no expectations.  Just two kids, having fun doing music and then it became serious, and now we’re passed 300 and we’re promoting FSOE Episode 350.  We’re not only going to make it a big event, it’s going to be a WORLD TOUR. Much, much bigger than 300 and of course, a US stop will be in the plans.

LSB: Speaking of the US, Trance is really taking off here in America.  What are your thoughts?


Fila: I believe Trance is doing amazing! But I’ll say that, House is really HUGE right now in the US.  You know, like Hardwell for example. Those guys are doing BIG stuff here in the US, but yes, Trance is getting real big AGAIN – it used to be real big, like back in the late 90s to early 2000s, but it went down and now, its picking up again, which I love! It’s a cycle and it has definitely evolved since.

LSB: As legend, you’ve seen the times changed through the years in the electronic dance community, how do you stay on top of your game?

Fila: I’m definitely sticking to my Trance roots plus, we love that original sound of Trance.  That’s why we fell in love with the music.  We upgrade the sounds of course, but still try to keep the original sounds intact.  We don’t want to mix it with the other genres; a lot of people do that – like try mixing Trance with House and so on. I think that when mixing the two, it makes Trance and House lose its magic. Just keep it simple, that’s it.  Keep the roots to where it belongs, that’s it.

LSB: Trance definitely gives off a feeling of love and peace, why do you think it does that to people?

Fila: It’s a journey. It gives people a chance to experience an emotion like no other and I want to keep making music like that. I want to keep promoting this sound, the classic sound of Trance.

LSB: That leads to my next big question, as a DJ/Producer – can you explain to me in your own words how music and emotions relate?

Fila: There is a huge HUGE relation of course; I wouldn’t get emotional from anything more than I do with music.  It can make me cry easily, that’s it.  Music is what moves everything in me, when I listen to a new track or if a artist sends me a new track that is beautiful – I get touched and it definitely can make me cry…nothing in life can move me like that.  Music can really change lives and change the world; I have seen music change a lot of people’s lives, especially with Trance.  I know someone specifically, I won’t mention names or where he is from, but he was a drug addict and once he started listening to Trance music, he completely got out of it and is clean now.  He now goes to Trance parties to just enjoy the music and the people; drugs are no longer apart of his life.  This makes me feel that I’m doing something good for the world, really.


LSB: FSOE: the label, the radio show, and touring – How do you balance all of that?

Fila: *Sigh* It’s tough!  No sleep, a lot of times no sleep.  I’ve said this many times before and in many interviews, people think we have this fancy life; which is wrong, we really have a hard life.  Like me, I lost my social life; I don’t meet my friends, I don’t see my wife that much, and I don’t see my parents – none of them as much as before.  I have to give it up, to do the music I love and keep on top of it.  If I don’t love it I wouldn’t be doing it, 100% because there are a lot of other things in life that I can enjoy like spending my time being married.

LSB: What would you like to see happen with Trance, would you like it to go mainstream?

Fila: It was mainstream before, a long time ago; you would hear it on the radio.  I would love those days to come back actually, why not?  I don’t understand why radio stations are afraid to play those records, why?  Because radio stations are what gives the people updates on the latest music, so why don’t they do their job and give the people the taste of everything, don’t give just one genre – give them everything, then let them choose.  Why not? Like before, it used to be like that.  Now, it’s all commercialized, that’s all radio stations care about now, which hurts me.


LSB: So any new tracks in the making?

Fila: A lot! We’re in the process of making a new album!  A lot of people would have not expected this because we just released our album QUIET STORM, but we’ve already worked on a lot of new tracks and we’re planning the new album for next year!

LSB: Any special collaborations we should know about for this upcoming album?

Fila: No, I don’t want to mention anything about it! *Laughs*I want to keep it a surprise! But I’ll just say that we have a lot of HOT collaborations and great stuff going on.

LSB: Fair enough! Well let’s carry on – Earlier in your careers, you’ve two literally hit the ground running with the success of the EYE OF HORUS, how did it feel playing outside of your home country for the first time?

Fila: Man! I couldn’t sleep for weeks!  It was a crazy feeling!  I would try to not think much of it, but I could not help it.  Before the gig, I was continuously DJing, making new tracks, listening to my tracks, prepping my tracks – that was my life for like two to three weeks, and I was going crazy!  I was trying to make it a VERY special start in our career, but honestly, I would say our first real start of our career would be ASOT 300 in Den Bosch, which was our first big BIG gig.  It was broadcasted worldwide; it was our chance to showcase our talents and I think we used it well! *Laughs*

LSB: The next ASOT world tour, ASOT 650 is coming up. Any chance we’ll be seeing you there?

Fila: I can’t wait for that, I love playing at ASOT events. It’s always an amazing experience, great attendance, sold out shows!  People are always going crazy! We love it! Playing with Armin is always safe, you know what I mean? *Laughs* He definitely knows how to put on a great production!

LSB: Before we go, I wanted to let you know that my good friend DJ ReOrder  wanted me to give you his best, he says hi and wishes you well!

Fila: OH really! Oh man, he’s such a talented guy!  He is one of the new signings with FSOE, him and Ian Standerwick did an amazing collab – FOLDING YOUR UNIVERSE.  It’s a track I am playing tonight here at Exchange LA and this track is one of my favorite tracks of the year! 100%!  It’s beautiful!

LSB: Yes, he’s truly talented. He’s one of the DJ’s that we’ve sponsored. We’ve been supporting him through our social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, spreading the word on this amazing track!  It has had amazing reviews.

Fila: Thank you so much for supporting him!  These guys are truly breaking barriers in the trance scene! They have been producing a lot!  Not a lot of people know them yet, but a lot of people should get to know them because they are full of talent!  So thank you for all your help with him!

LSB: Alright, we’ll wrap things up here Fadi, definitely a great pleasure to meet you!  Any shout outs you want to give?

Fila: I would like to say, everyone in California – Los Angeles or in the region, THANK YOU so much for all the support! And hopefully next year, we can do something BIG here in Los Angeles, hopefully…maybe FSOE 350?!?! We’ll see!

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