The “Brand” of You – How building your personal brand as a DJ or Music Producer can increase your chances of success.


For starters who are barely venturing into the world of DJs & Music Production and pursuing a career within that realm, they must know that their “DJ Name” has officially became their “Business” as well as their “Brand”. And with that being the case – as an individual and a business owner of your DJ Name (The brand), it would ideal that you know your best business practices.

Why you might ask?

In a sense, you can look at being a DJ or Music Producer as being a one man product. You are essentially selling yourself as a talent to the world, and you are your own product. Thus, “DJ YOU” is a combination of your name, your brand, and your product –  your business.

Most successful DJ has a team built around their “Brand” as a DJ. For example, Tiesto has a booking manager, a marketing team, a press agent, and so and on so forth… and they are all working for the business of “Tiesto” and helping to sell Tiesto as a product.

So why should your personal brand as a DJ be treated as a business?

Simple, you want to be able to obtain healthy relationships between other businesses, as well as being able to attract and retain customers as any business would. In your case, your customers are your fans, and other businesses are the clubs who would book you to their gigs.

Here are 3 big critical tips in branding yourself properly as a DJ or Music Producer.


Image is everything. If you look at large companies like Apple, they brand themselves in a way of being “beautiful”. From their marketing materials to their website, and especially their products. They make it a bold statement that they are a company of quality design.

For your own personal brand as a DJ or Music producer, you should also carry yourself as a brand of standards and quality. This makes you more appealing to your consumers (your fans), and helps you obtain more bookings for shows. On top of that, people just take you more seriously! So don’t be afraid to hire a top notch designer and a photographer to get you set up with some nice press photos and a bad ass press kit! It’s well worth the investment, especially if you are trying to brand your self proper.

Customer Service

Most DJ & Music Producers fail to look at themselves (as an individual) as a business. And when they fail to look at their career from that perspective, they fail to understand the importance of engaging and communicating to fans (customers) properly. Pretty much if anyone calls you an “ASSHOLE” DJ, that’s pretty much the same as calling you an “ASSHOLE” business. Now for the more successful & established DJs, they might be able to get away with this to a certain extent, but if your just starting off, you might want to treat your fans with the utmost respect, as you would owning an actual start-up business. Customer care is definitely an essential of a company’s success, and it would definitely be one of the best practices of being a DJ. Customer (Fans) retention is everything, and especially if you’re starting off, you want as many people on your side as possible. You want to brand yourself as a brand with great customer relations.


Be professional, be ethical. The brands that succeed the most are always acting with professional manner and doing what’s right. Like I tell majority of my business affiliates, “If you do good things and be good to those who have been good to you, more good things will happen.” Many times we have seen businesses pull off unethical stunts and this leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. It just goes to show that they are lacking the professional skill-sets that are required to take a business to greater heights. How many times have you heard, “I hate going to that restaurant, they treat their customers like crap!” – You don’t want people saying the same thing about you as a DJ. Instead, they won’t be saying they hate going to your restaurant, they would say “I hate booking that guy, or I hate going to that guy’s shows”

So with you as a DJ and your DJ Name being your “brand” – professionalism and ethics comes a long way. A great practice would be to learn people skills. Learning how to interact and properly communicating with fans is critical! Always remember to stay humble and be “likable”! Because people love to work with and/or be around people that are likable. The more likable you are, the easier it will be for you to network. Image, customer service, and ethics all allow you to become a better net-worker, and with a better network, the more likely you will succeed in the future.

So hopefully the information provided above proves to be useful, and helps you as an artist brand yourself in a way that will help excel your career as a DJ & Music Producer!

Until then!